On My Journey..

Yvonne and the Equi-vision team supported me on my journey to getting back to work, from regaining my confidence, creating a C.V, application forms and  interview techniques to eventually getting my dream job on a cruise liner Thank you  Guys!


My New Path..

Thanks to Yvonne and Equivision my confidence and work ethic have immensely improved over the last few years. From to their help and support I have gone from a stay at home mum to building my own career and generating my own income, leading to a new path in my life!   


Road to Sucsess..

I am so grateful  to Yvonne and the  Equi-vision team they helped me to setup my business get the appropriate licenses and put me on the right road to success! Thank you and god bless! 


Continuous Support..

A fantastic company that has continually been supportive since my redundancy. I have received information, advice and guidance with CV writing, interview skills and job searches. I was also very kindly provided the loan of a laptop whilst studying sign language course.  



Dream Job..

I met Yvonne Wilson, during the 2020 lock down. Equi-vision has helped me out of homelessness and historical domestic violence issues over 10 years into my own flat and into my dream job as a domestic violence support worker.


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Anne Smith

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